It’s New Year – again – and as the old year slipped away a number of projects reached completion. Now 2015 stretches before me like new note-book.

A new year, a new project. Well, it’s not exactly new. This one has been incubating for a while now. It’s my first full length foray into the world of fiction – for the sake of argument I’m calling it fiction. A spin-off from The Stain of Time, it is a complete retelling of the past life story which I always felt deserved far more of my time and attention that the bare bones airing it got first time round.

As a stand alone project it matters not at all whether readers believe in past lives and more particularly, whether they accept this is the tale of a life that was once lived by Trent Reznor. From the outset there was no doubt in my mind that the whole past life thing would be a hard sell, and so The Stain of Time was never meant to be anything but a means to an end – a way to pass along some information to Mr Reznor when all other attempts had failed.

Although for some of us reincarnation is unquestionable, there are many others that come hard-wired with disbelief. Those naysayers are more than content to ascribe their fear and phobias to any number of unknown causes, but rarely can they be persuaded to consider they may have roots in a past life. And so the new project, Claude’s Story, is being presented as a work of fiction.

It’s been a while in the making, picked up and put down so many times I wasn’t sure I’d ever complete it. Why has it taken so long to shake the dust off the notebooks and put the proverbial pen to paper? Perhaps it is that I couldn’t pick it up again without revisiting my own past – recent past, that is.

During the years since The Stain of Time was first published there have been a great many changes in my life. Changes of residence, relationships, points of view and perspectives and a variety of other projects to keep me busy. However, there comes a time when the nudge becomes too strong so here we at last with Claude’s Story.


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