Buggering off to Bulgaria

This particular move has been picked up, put down, thought about and mulled over for the better part of three years yet when the time came it was executed in a matter of weeks. As usual I ignored all the best and most sensible advice: visit the areas where you think you would like to live, see many and varied properties, research the estate agent who is going to help you buy your home….actually, how about, visit the country you are planning to move to…even once…for a weekend perhaps….

You guessed correctly, I did none of the above and selected a property off the Internet, got the pets their passports, arranged shipping for all and sundry and, well, here we are. I would like to say I flew in the face of sensibility and came out unscathed. That would be a lie and no one would believe me anyway, such foolhardiness is bound to encourage a few knocks and dents (happily the already battered furniture took most of the dents but http://http://imagesfrombulgaria.com/v/Plana-mountain/Panoram-08.jpg.htmlunfortunately there were a few knocks to the already fragile bank balance).

So, six weeks later here we are in this most beautiful of countries embarking on a new adventure, hoping to find a new way of living and working. Make no mistake, I love my home country and miss it very much, but it had become increasingly more difficult for me to find the finances to live there. The compromises were becoming unacceptable. I can live without a lot of things (I’m only just getting an inside toilet installed in the new house) but I need space and a garden, I want my animals but I don’t want to be worrying every time the dog barks or the rooster crows.

I’ve breezed through life doing work that I love without a thought about future security or pensions or anything that those of a more sensible nature started taking care of in their twenties. Well, it’s been a while since I saw forty never mind twenty. Inevitably  the day came when I realised I was getting to a certain age without the proverbial pot and I’d better start making plans to secure the future I wanted as I slip in to older age.

Enter Bulgaria. The impossibly cheap real estate is enough to get you thinking this might be the place to make a new life. Couple that with a super climate (proper seasons were important to me) fertile soil that makes for a good garden (a level of self sufficiency is a must) and the  low cost of living (essential when trying to budget with a flexible income from writing).

What I wasn’t prepared for was the rejuvenating atmosphere which is both relaxing and invigorating.  I’ve spent the last six weeks pottering in the garden, camping out in two rooms to avoid the disruption that comes with renovation and exploring this little village, wondering how it must have been in its heyday. I’ve watched the land throw off the last vestiges off winter and come to life. Already fruit is forming on the trees which are everywhere, in every garden, edging common land and lining the roads and lanes. The air is brim full of the heady scent of blossom and growing things.

Everywhere has its downside and certainly Bulgaria is no exception but for now, for today, I’m feeling the sun on my back,http://http://imagesfrombulgaria.com/v/Plana-mountain/Panoram-08.jpg.html listening to the air alive with birds and all kinds off buzzing creatures (some of which are out to make me their lunch) and thinking only of the positive.


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